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*Estimates By Appointment – Please Call to Schedule

4483 West 3500 South West Valley City, UT

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About Us

Central Body Shop was founded by Mr. Richard Ellison and has been serving the Wasatch Front area since 1981. Continuing today, Central Body Shop still earns the confidence and satisfaction of thousands of customers. In addition, Central Body Shop has developed long lasting relationships with many Insurance Companies, giving them the ability to recommend a repair professional to their clients with the certainty that the work will be accurate and the service exceptional.   Realizing that customer satisfaction begins with professional and accurate estimating, our fully trained staff pays extra attention to your estimate. No matter what kind of damage repair you need, at Central Body Shop we have the ability, knowledge and training to restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition. From foreign to domestic, metal to fiberglass, we guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

We will be your advocate when dealing with insurance companies. We understand that you need a fair estimate, quality work, timely service and that your vehicle is fixed right the first time. We take pride in our work and the exceptional level of service we provide to our customers. Our collision repair and paint technicians are professionally trained and I-Car Certified. For friendly, honest and dependable service you can trust Central Body Shop where “Quality Work Is No Accident”.

We believe that your satisfaction is the key to our mutual success. That is why we are firmly committed to making customer service priority #1! We want to become your preferred collision repair facility.

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Central Body Shop


*Estimates By Appointment – Please Call to Schedule

4483 West 3500 South West Valley City, UT

West Valley Location


*Estimates By Appointment – Please Call to Schedule
4483 West 3500 South West Valley City, UT

Salt Lake Location

3965 South 210 West Salt Lake City, UT


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Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00–5:30

We work with all Insurance companies and will handle all aspects of the repair for you, all you need to do is report the claim with the claims office and call us with the Insurance information and claim number. One of our staff members will gladly take care of the rest, we will set up a rental if needed and make any other arrangements with the insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a direct repair shop?

A direct repair facility has the authority to handle all aspects of the repair for you. There is no longer a need to get 3 estimates, take them back to the insurance company or do any other work we will handle it all for you. In order for our shop to join direct repair programs we have had to meet many requirements set by the insurance companies. These requirements include extensive employee training and certifications, proper equipment and satisfied customers. As a direct repair facility we will write the estimate, coordinate a rental if you are eligible, order parts and complete repairs. The only thing you are required to do is report the claim and obtain a claim number and call us with that information, we will take care of the rest.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Cash. Please be sure to bring in your insurance check with you once the repairs are complete.

Why am I getting charged a betterment?

A betterment also known as a depreciation is charged when you have a wearable part that has been damaged in an accident. If a tire is damaged in a collision and has to be replaced but it is already 50% used or worn out. The insurance will pay to replace the portion that is still useable and you are responsible for the part that is worn out. Betterments are generally applied to batteries, tires, mufflers or any part that will not last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Is it necessary to replace my airbags after they have deployed in an accident?

Yes, it is actually against the law to not fully restore an airbag system after deployment or to remove or modify the airbag system. Airbags are there for your safety as intended by the manufacture of your vehicle.

Can you repair my vehicles frame?

We have state of the art frame measuring system which is a laser that measures the vehicles frame or unibody in relation to where it should be according the manufactures measurements. This allows us to restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition with our frame/unibody straightening equipment. Most of todays cars have what is considered a unibody frame, this is where the frame and body of the car is one. Our collision repair technicians are experts in frame and unibody repair.

Is all work needed on my vehicle performed at your shop?

We have expert collision repair technicians at Central Body Shop, we use expert alignment, glass, mechanical, and others that we trust to send your vehicle to if these repairs are needed. They are companies that we have built great working relationships with for years now. They are the same companies we trust to do the repairs on our own vehicles. The repairs done at these shops are also guaranteed.

What parts will be used on my vehicle?

This depends on what insurance company we are working with. Some insurance companies will always look for the cheapest options, LKQ (Like Kind and Quality or Used parts) Aftermarket (parts not made by the manufacture of your vehicle) or New OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Call or stop by for more information on what parts are available.

Is an appointment necessary?

Appointment are preferred for an estimate and repairs but walk-ins are always welcome. Call us at your convenience and we will assist you.

West Valley: 801-963-8871; Salt Lake: 801-261-1864

Who do I pay my deductible to?

You pay your deductible to Central Body Shop when the vehicle is picked up. Often we will have clients ask us to waive their deductible. On occasion we may be able to offer you an appearance allowance in lieu of repairs to help with your deductible. However, we are unable to waive your deductible. In order for a shop to waive your deductible they have to compromise the repair to your vehicle in some way. If a body shop is willing to cheat the insurance company they will likely cheat you, the customer. We can look at all options to try to help you within the limits of the law.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we will give you a written LIFETIME WARRANTY once the repairs are complete.

Why should a spare tire only be used temporarily?

A spare tire is only designed for low speeds, if you were to drive a vehicle at higher speeds than recommended it could affect the handling of the vehicle and possibly your safety. Also the spare tire may provide support to the rear structure on some vehicles when involved in a rear collision, this is why they suggest only temporary use of a spare tire.

Why is the insurance companies estimate different than your estimate?

There are alot of reasons why the estimates may be different. A repair panel is always a judgement item, one ajuster may assume the repair time will take 6 hours when another assumes 4 or 8. On a panel that needs replacement one adjuster may find a used panel when the other may have replaced it with an aftermarket or new panel. If you just bring the estimate in from the insurance we will work out any differences with the insurance company.

How long will my vehicle be in the shop?

Every repair is different, once you have the estimate from either us or the insurance company please call our office. We will review the estimate, check on the parts status, claim status and determine the length of repair. We understand what an inconvenience it is to be out of a vehicle, we will do all we can to get you back into your vehicle.

Can I get a rental?

We can arrange for a rental if you are eligible, we will also make arrangements with the insurance company for payment. If you are not eligible for a rental we can generally get very good rates for a replacement car while your vehicle is being repaired. Please call our office and let us know that you need a rental and we will take care of the rest.

What if an insurance company suggests another repair facility?

You as the vehicle owner have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice. It is against the law for an insurance company to tell you where you can have your vehicle repaired. We work with every insurance company and WE will guarantee the work we do on your vehicle as long as you own the vehicle.

Do I need more than one estimate?

No, according to state law you are only required to get one estimate to provide to the insurance.

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